Key digital marketing trends for 2024
Digital Marketing Trends

Key digital marketing trends for 2024

In the fast-paced landscape of marketing, you will see that marketing trends continue to shift. But it’s not always a cup of tea to keep up with the latest marketing trends. But, to become successful in this dynamic world of marketing- and keeping a sense of relevance with your target customers- it’s crucial to stay ahead of them. I have gathered all the information that is needed to become aware of key digital marketing trends in 2024.

Let’s dive into the latest marketing trends in 2024.

· Video content (reels, TikTok, YouTube etc.) for shorter periods will continue to rule: as we are very well aware that everyone has spent so much time scrolling through reels, and YouTube shorts. I also have done the same thing. I purchased many things like clothes, shoes, and many other products after watching short videos. It is found out after a survey that 56% of US. Customers purchased products based on the ads that they saw on these apps. By creating videos, you can establish a deeper connection with your potential customers. So, it is not surprising at all that marketers are using short-form videos such as YouTube shorts, reels etc. to promote their products.

·  Creation of content that reflects the brand value: according to a survey 82% of shopkeepers want a customer brand’s value to line up with their own. Brands will showcase their stances and values that are related to their audience. According to a survey we got some data related to the brand’s value:

o   45% of marketers will continue their investment in the creation of content that indicates their brand’s value.

o   43% will continue to invest as they did in the previous year.

o   And 9% of marketers will be decreasing their investment.

·  Continuation of sponsored content/ native advertising:  when featured content on a third-party website is paid for by your brand then it is called an investment in native advertising. Native advertising is different from traditional advertising. Native advertising is created to promote your brand to a new client. We have gathered some data on native advertising:

o   Almost 36% of marketers will be increasing their investment in native advertising.

o   56% will invest the same amount.

o   Only 9% will be decreasing their investment.

Native ads are more effective than traditional ads. Because native advertising is done on social media platforms, where audiences are more likely to consume them.

· Importance of influencer marketing: each of us has seen influencers promoting various kinds of products over social media apps in 2023. I also saw various brand partners with influencers and this trend is still going on in 2024. As influencer marketing is very effective in attracting a target audience and many marketers are saying that they will increase their investment in influencer marketing in 2024. Collaborating with micro-influencers is more affordable than with macro-influencers.

· Use of AI: it’d be considered a foolish step for someone to exclude the giant waves AI created in 2023 and the changes it will make in 2024. In 2023 half of the marketers used AI for content creation like websites, writing blog articles, and social media copy, as well as product descriptions. In 2024 almost 90% of marketers are planning to invest the same amount to benefit from AI and the rest are planning to use it for the first time.

Some more trends will continue to run in 2024. I’ll give a brief overview of these trends:

·   The comeback of VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) can take place in 2024.

·   Rise of podcasts and other audio content.

·   Continuation of blogging.

·   Diving leads and brand credibility with the help of case studies.

·   Use of social media platforms to sell products.

·   Use of infographics by marketers.

As I have taken you through the key digital marketing trends for 2024 and after going through these trends you will know that digital marketing has become a crucial part of the business world. You will see the importance of these trends in the coming years. So, we can conclude that the digital marketing era is evolving drastically and to become successful businesses must stay ahead of the latest trends. To learn tips and techniques of digital marketing you can enroll in digital marketing courses, where you will learn to make strategies and take actions according to the trends.