Digital marketing salary in India
Digital marketing salary in India

Digital marketing salary in India

The digital marketing industry is booming at whooping rates in India. It has become the hottest career path all over the world. In the digital marketing industry, there are many opportunities for those who have the right knowledge and skills. Every business in every sector largely depends on the digital landscape for better growth because it offers better pay than other professions. As we have seen during the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses were targeting the digital landscape for their various activities and it is still in continuation. Because of the digital marketing landscape, the number of jobs and salaries of marketers has increased.

The salary of digital marketers depends on various factors in India. In this blog, I’ll be breaking down the factors that affect the salary of digital marketers and what is digital marketing salary in India:

  • Experience is considered a crucial factor when businesses determine the salary of a digital marketer. Because many positions in digital marketing require a great deal of knowledge. So, we can say that training and education also play a crucial role while considering the experience factor. To become a digital marketing manager, a minimum of four to eight years of experience is needed to manage your digital marketing team efficiently. A fresher entering this position can expect INR 181000 but for a senior position having five to nine years of experience can earn from INR 300000 to INR 600000.
  • Digital marketing salary depends on the preference of the individual. You will find top roles in digital marketing. These are as follows:

o   Search engine optimization roles:

If you have good analytical skills and knowledge of technical jobs then you are good to go for this role. This role includes generating targeted website traffic and making it rank on Google’s first page by using relevant keywords. An SEO specialist requires skills such as keyword research, SEO algorithms, and SEO copywriting.

  • Salary of SEO specialist: for a person with less than 1 year of experience is an average of INR 180000 in India.
  • Salary With less than four years of experience is an average of 400000 in India.
  • The salary for a person having experience of 5-9 years is an average of 590000 in India.

o   PPC (pay-per-click) specialist:

It includes managing paid ad campaigns on search and display, google ads, Bing, and other ad networks, Management of advertisement campaigns over social media platforms, comprehension of Google Analytics, etc.

  • Salary for a PPC analyst: The average salary for a person having experience of less than 1 year is INR 4 lakh per annum.
  • A person with more than 2 years of experience can expect an average of 4-5 lakhs per annum.

o   Web developer:

Web developers are in high demand and can design and maintain attractive websites. A person having this skill can expect a decent amount of salary out of this profession. It includes a better comprehension of HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, and other relevant web design coding languages, maintaining websites, monitoring website traffic and website performance, etc.

  •   Salary of a web developer: A web developer having less than one year of experience can expect an average of rs.280000 per year.
  • And person with more than 1-4 years of experience can expect an average of 490000 per annum.

o   Role of social media marketing specialist:

A social media marketing specialist designs and executes a complete social media strategy for a company. It includes monitoring activities on all social media accounts, creation of content to promote the brand’s message, etc.

  •   Salary of social media specialist: specialists having less than 1 year of experience can expect a salary of an average of 350000 in India.
  • With less than 4 years of experience can expect an average of 4.1 LPA.
  •   Having experience of 5-9 years can expect an average of 9.1 lakhs per year.

o   Digital marketing salary in India depends on multiple factors. There are various professions in digital marketing such as search engine marketing specialist, data analyst, paid media specialist, digital marketing manager, marketing automation specialist, and content and marketing manager. In these professions person having experience of less than one year can expect a salary of an average of, 3.3 lakhs, 3 lakhs, 4.8 lakhs, 3-6 LPA, 4.5 lakhs, and 8 lakhs respectively.


As you have gone through the article now you have information about digital marketing salaries in India. So, we can conclude that the digital marketing industry is growing drastically. To become an expert in top professions in digital marketing you need to have the right skills and experience. Our institute has designed digital marketing courses in detail with practical applications, where by enrolling in our courses you can unlock the door to success.