Learn Duplicate Content Tools by Digital Marketing Institute
Learn About Duplicate Content Tools Via Digital Marketing Institute

Learn About Duplicate Content Tools Via Digital Marketing Institute

The content that you use on your website should be original content. Duplicate content can affect your site’s ranking and your reputation so; using duplicate content is a huge mistake. It is unacceptable both online and offline to use someone else’s work as your own without permission. Due to duplicate content, Google can penalize you by doing your page rank lower or by removing your web page altogether from searches. Another case that can happen is that others also can duplicate content on your website and can try to use it without your permission. These types of marketers can use your content on their websites without ever asking you. So, there are many cases that you can face because of content use only. There are many uses to check content but to learn the uses of these tools and tips you have to join a digital marketing institute.  

Today in this blog we’ll learn what duplicate content is and what causes of duplicate content are.

Firstly we’ll discuss that how duplicate content is defined: content that appears on more than one online location, meaning different websites. You also can have duplicate content if you post it in more than one place. If someone else posts your content on their site or if you post someone else’s content on your site then that is called duplicate content. Duplicate content may be excluded by Google and other search engines from their search engine quires.

Causes of duplicate content: use of duplicate content is not intentional in many cases. Sore item descriptions and printer only versions are examples of non-malicious duplicate content. It can be frustrating for people who are trying to search for information on various platforms and they end up getting the same information on all the platforms. This happens when you post same content on all platforms to increase traffic or manipulate search engine rankings.

You can refrain from these types of problems by using right tips and tools to create content for your website. But to master these tactics you have to take guidance from digital experts and for that you need to join digital marketing institute. AOS-academy of success a digital marketing institute where you can enroll for online digital marketing course or you can join offline training program also.

Using Google to check duplicate content:

 There is one quick way to check duplicate content in which you can copy around ten words from the start of a sentence and then pasting it with quotes into Google. This way is actually recommended by Google. If you check this for a page on your website then you would see only your webpage to show up. If you find that it shows on other website also then according to Google the first result is original one and if that is not your website then you must have copies the content from another site.

Some free tools to check for duplicate content: when you write your content then you may make your content too similar to another content that is already published. That is why you should double check using plagiarism checker everything you write to make your content unique. There are several tools that are free of cost:

  • Copyscape
  • Plagspotter
  • Duplichecker
  • Siteliner
  • Smallseotools

Some premium tools to check plagiarism: you can use advanced algorithms in premium plagiarism checkers to check duplicate content. These are:

  • Grammarly
  • Plagium
  • Plagiarismcheck.org

So we have discussed the concept of duplicate content and method of checking duplicate content. Now you have become acquainted of the essence of content. To learn tips and tactics of content creation you can join an institute of digital marketing.