Difference Between Digital Selling And Social Selling

Difference Between Digital Selling And Social Selling

Social selling has provided various new ways for salespersons to research, engage and approach prospects since its introduction. There has been a huge buzz around social selling in recent years. Digital selling is becoming a new and increasingly exciting concept for organizations and sales professionals. Social selling is related to the use of social platforms and on the other hand digital selling includes various modules. If you want to learn social selling and digital selling strategies then you should join a digital marketing institute. There are various institutes all across the world that you will find. But ensure that you join the best digital marketing institute. You can join specifically social media marketing course also.

Today in this blog I’ll walk you through the concept of digital sales and social sales so, stay tuned till the end of the blog.

How the concept of digital sales can be approached?

So firstly you should know what is digital marketing. It’s not social selling because social selling includes the use of social media platforms to reach and engage with target customers. But on the other hand digital marketing includes various modules such as SEO, PPC, analytics, email, mobile, display, and the rest, to build brand awareness. So, in the same way, digital selling is all about using social media platforms for your organization and processes, to sell and ultimately drive revenue. Let’s see in detail how can this concept be used to boost engagement and drive sales.

For a successful online business, you should have knowledge about digital marketing strategies such as SEO, PPC, email marketing, Google ads, etc. Anyone can master these strategies by joining a digital marketing institute.

The bigger picture for digital sales: there is some statics that you should be aware of:

  • Sales technology is used by 71% of salespeople to close more deals according to LinkedIn. 
  • 45% of more opportunities are created by social selling leaders than peers with a lower social selling index.
  • Social selling leaders are more likely to reach their quota by 51%.
  •  It is stated by more than half of professionals that the presence of a business executive on social media positively influences their purchase decision.
  • 66% of professionals are more likely to recommend a company or a brand if they followed a company executive on social media.

There is no surprise that many sales professionals are trying to catch up to sharpen their online skills.

Social vs. digital selling: in traditional selling professionals used to rely on lists that were purchased and generally included unqualified data. But on the other hand digital seller listens and shares so they can understand the challenges and issues a prospect may face and support prospects to find solutions. Digital selling involves various strategies to achieve one overall marketing goal. The elements are as follows:

  • Digital Research
  • CRM
  • Social content
  • Digital sales messaging
  • Engagement
  • Social account management
  • Strategy and Integration

So this is the concept of digital selling and social selling that a digital marketer should be aware of. You can master digital selling and social selling strategies by joining a digital marketing institute. You can join this course in our institute AOS-academy of Success located in Laxmi Nagar, Delhi.