Video Marketing a Beacon in Digital Marketing Tactics
Video Marketing a Beacon in Digital Marketing Tactics

Video Marketing a Beacon in Digital Marketing Tactics

A recent study in the field of digital marketing reveals that around 63% of companies prefer using video marketing as their first attempt at marketing their product. In this blog today we will discuss some of the top reasons that make video marketing a niche. However, before you dive into understanding the essence of video marketing you must take note of the fact that AOS—Academy of Success is the best digital marketing institute in India. The training imparted here through the best digital marketing courses has turned many into well-doing digital marketers of the time. 

Now let us get back to the real dime of understanding why video marketing is hugely preferred by businesses for advertisement and promotion. 

Video marketing acts as a beacon for pumping up sales and conversions

One of the fascinating facts about video marketing is that it works as a catalyst in increasing sales and conversion rates for businesses. This is the reason 82% of businesses consider video marketing as an inseparable part of their digital marketing efforts and strategy.

Further studies suggest that up to 74% of the people who watch videos explaining a product are later influenced to buy that. Such an impact of video marketing is not lesser than any magic for industries. 

The eyes are the gateway to transpire information in the human brain. Visuals help us understand things more easily than any other imagery or senses. This is why video marketing is furiously more effective than various other marketing tactics.

Video marketing skyrockets ROI  

Experts in digital marketing believe that brief and professionally crafted videos with good content result in increasing ROI for businesses. Almost 83 % of businesses believe that video marketing garners a better ROI for them. 

However, there are counterarguments that long videos explaining details deeply tend to bore any common user. Therefore, videos with brief and meaningful content always catch a glimpse of the users. 

Videos hold your visitors on your website for longer 

When visitors remain on your website for a valid time it builds up trust and considerably signals the search engine that your website has quality content. Google loves videos, and one of the studies regarding this fact reveals that websites embedded with videos appear 53 times more often on Google. Video uploaded on social media networking sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram with keywords infused properly also boosts traction to increase sales and conversion rates. 

Video marketing sows the seeds of belief in your customer

It is often a daunting task to know every detail of any product. It is time-consuming and not many people are in the habit of analyzing a product thoroughly. However, businesses to streamline this bent for their customers use video marketing. Videos help customers to understating each thick aspect of the product more accurately and precisely, that too without putting in much effort and time. 

Last but not least So, these are the reasons that make video marketing a top choice for businesses in their digital marketing practices. People who are interested to know more about digital marketing prefer to join AOS in Delhi. Since its inception, the institute has been a remarkable outlet of Career Pro Ventures Ltd to enhance the careers of all those people who are keen to master the skills of Digital Marketing.