Future of the Digital Marketing in India
The Future of Digital Marketing in India

The Future of Digital Marketing sector in India

As per the reports by DAN Dentsu Aegis Network, India since 2018 has seen a whooping growth in digital marketing and advertising. The reports further suggest that the Digital Marketing sector in India has boomed and grown by over 27% by 2022. As of now, India has 700 million internet users and by 2025 the number of users is expected to grow to more than 950 million. These figures and facts highlight the significance of digital marketing taking huge leaps every day in its size, awareness, and expansion. 

How did marketing and advertising look pre-internet era in India? 

In pre-internet India, TV was the main medium for marketing and advertising. In chronological order, it was followed by Radio, newspaper, and other similar means. However, after the Internet hit the stands everything changed dramatically and efficiently. 

What are the current trends in Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a swiftly moving topic. Just some years before AI was a goal to reach now today it is the center of all global marketing businesses and industries. So, the point is that the trends in digital marketing change like nothing else. AI is highly altering the trends in digital marketing. Many such examples of that are voice search, face or image recognition, smart speaker, browser push notification, AB testing, interactive testing, and much more. It has become a daily challenge for digital marketers to find new and effective ways to capture their target audience. Driven by the mammoth of research every day is the reason for digital marketing to such big and deep. 

What is the best way to learn digital marketing in India?

India is a hub of digital marketing institutes. A huge number of digital marketing institutes operate all across the country. Alone in Delhi, the number of digital marketing institutes is triple-digit. However, the best among them to learn digital marketing from is AOS, an academy of success. AOS is located in Lakshmi Nagar, Delhi. So far, AOS is the best digital marketing institute in DelhiAOS offers a wide range of certified digital marketing programs and courses. The institution has earned a reputation for making students industry ready. 

Some of the In-demand digital marketing courses of AOS are:

  • Introduction of digital marketing,
  • SEO, SMO, SMA, and advanced SEO,
  • Email marketing course,
  • Affiliate marketing courses,
  • Web analytic courses,
  • Content marketing courses,
  • Performance, marketing course,
  • Influencer marketing courses

With the scope of Digital marketing glowing in the future, Join AOS to reserve your share in that.