Learn Social Media Trends via social media marketing course
Learn Social Media Trends via social media marketing course

Learn Social Media Trends via social media marketing course

The social media and influencer landscape has become eventful and ultra-competitive. Marketers make their mark for brands and engage their clients based on social media. There are so many social media networks that are available for your marketing activities and it can become a difficult task to keep up with what is new and what opportunities are out there for making brand awareness. Our digital marketing institute AOS-academy of success keeps an eye on trends. Our experts become acquainted of what are new trends in social media and influencer marketing then according to the recent trends they provide training to the students so that students also can get to know about new opportunities in the market.

Now today in this blog we’ll go through some most important trends of 2023.

  • Social media goes back to its roots: social media channels are used for various purposes by marketers. Social media can be used to get new customers, for new creative content or retarget old customers. But according to Neal Schaffer social media will go back to its roots in 2023. It has become a place for brand awareness not for traffic generation only. Even according to his own experience, he has seen a decrease in web traffic to his site. So, what can be a good solution? He thinks that social media need to be used in a better way for brand awareness. There has been a rapid emergence of TikTok and a brand new social media culture that focuses on the content, not on the number of followers.

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  • New features offered by TIK-TOK: it is a social media platform that focuses on making space for joy and community-built ideals. Marketers need to bear in mind that
    • Rather than concentrating on selling points
    videos should be personalized and entertaining. The second thing is that it focuses on joy and gives
    • a solution to attract people to make a purchase.
    • Last but not least, to make its communities special TIK-TOK suggests marketers lean into specificity.

TIK-TOK has new targeting options for ads. You can target people on the basis of various types of videos that they have watched, whether they are related to beauty, fitness, or food related. This is said by Alison Battisby, social media consultant and co-founder of Avocado Social.

  • Decentralization of social networks: many users are searching for a new type of social media platform – one built by the masses and owned by everyone. Because of this desire, there has been the emergence of new platforms like Mastodon, and Blue-sky.
  • A new era of influencers: the concept of the word influencer is changing in 2023. It’s not about the mega influencers with plenty of followers; it’s about influencers with dedicated followers. It’s also crucial to know the difference between UGC content and influencer content. While the first UGC (user-generated content) is someone talking about your content or brand somehow related to it, influencer content consists of a contractual agreement and sponsored posts. For the brand’s appearance, they should be looking more to UGC and influencers. But these brands should be in appearance through the voices of others not from their own voice, says Neal Schaffer. So it’s about finding influencers that are related to your industry or audience. This is crucial for small and medium-sized B2B brands and businesses.

So these are some most important trends in social media and influencer marketing. There are many opportunities for marketers and businesses that social media offers. You should know how and where to engage your audience. You can know everything about social media marketing and creating campaigns from social research to strategy, commerce, and content by joining the social media course that is offered by the digital marketing institute.