Importance of Google Analytics In Digital Marketing


You have created content according to your research related to the audience’s preferences and behavior. Now, you are ready to launch this content. However, if you don’t have a vigorous analytics system in place from the start then all your efforts will be wasted.

According to Renolon, Google Analytics is used by over half of all websites which has the largest market share at 30 percent of any analytics platform. So it’s crucial to understand what’s changed and ensure that your business is already using Google Analytics to make sure that you have ideas about data and insights. Google analytics has become a crucial strategy in digital marketing.  There has been a whooping growth in digital marketing and advertising in India. India has become a hub for digital marketing institutes. You’ll find a large number of digital marketing institutes all across the country. But the best digital marketing institute that you’ll find is AOS– academy of success digital marketing institute, located in Delhi. This institute provides the best quality of courses so if you want to master digital marketing then ensure that you join the best institute like AOS.

Now we’ll know what is web analysis.

Web analytics is collecting, measuring, and analyzing website data. With the help of web analysis, you can find out a lot of useful information about the origin of website traffic, throughout a website how website users interact, which type of content they are interested in, and how they exit the website.

Importance of Google Analytics: there are three main reasons for doing Google analytics.

The first one is Google analysis helps you to make data-led decisions. With the help of Google analytics marketers can optimize the performance of their channels and websites. We take these actions to improve performance based on our understanding of the data we have recorded. Let me give you an example if you get to know that one of your blogs gets a lot of traffic then you should optimize the page to get the most out of it by displaying pop-ups and including links to other related articles.

Google analytics not only helps in decision-making but also in getting information. It is an important information source. It is helpful to marketers to report back to key shareholders that how is the performance of their websites and campaigns in relation to their digital marketing efforts.

Google Analytics also helps you determine the ‘story’ behind the data. It permits you to get to know the story behind the data to gain valuable insights and boost business performance. By doing web analysis you can understand your customers in a better way and you can see their journey across your channels and websites. It gives you information about your customer’s interests, where they are coming from, and who they are. It also tells you about their location and what customers like and don’t like.

Tools that you can use for web analysis:

There are various analytics tools that you will find; in which some tools are available free of cost and some are paid. Both free and paid tools will differ in support, features, and functionality. Analytics packages available are adobe analytics, Woopra, kiss metrics, matomo, webtrends, Google analytics, and Google analytics 360.

There is a free version of Google Analytics called market trade and the paid version of Google Analytics is Google analytics 360. The paid version offers some additional functionality in terms of report validity and sample sizes. The paid version of GA is mainly used for websites that receive over 10 million page views per month. Google Analytics is the main and single source of truth for website traffic, conversion data, and engagement. Google Analytics can provide consumer’s journey, their location, and information about their device.

There are many benefits of Google Analytics:

  • It is free of cost.
  • Google Analytics has easy installation and implementation.
  • Its interface is user-friendly.
  • It offers you basic and advanced options.
  • It provides seamless integration with other Google products.
  • It provides customizable reports, dashboards, and data collection.

So these are benefits that you’ll find through Google analytics. Google analysis is crucial if you run an online business. So, to learn these types of strategies for your online business you need to learn digital marketing. You’ll find various numbers of institutes all over the country but ensure that you join the best digital marketing institute where you can master it. Our institute AOS-academy of success digital marketing institute located in Delhi is one of the best institutes where we provide the best courses.