How Local SEO Improves Visibility of Small Businesses
how local seo improves visibility of small business

How Local SEO Improves Visibility of Small Businesses

The cutthroat competition among giant businesses makes it pretty difficult for local ones to make their presence visible on Google. In this blog, you will get to the bottom of understanding how local SEO can be rewarding for them by promoting their ranks to the top of the search results. However, what is more, amazing to explore is that AOS—Academy of Success is the best digital marketing institute in Delhi to learn the entire inside out skills like SEO and many more. 

So, let us now try to understand how local SEO is helpful to boost the search engine page ranking of small businesses. Most customers today go online to research, find, buy or sell. This paradigm shift got more pace during the pandemic era. As per the reports revealed by Accenture in 2020, it was found that around 56% of consumers preferred to shop from the stores and shops in their nearest neighbor. The reports further revealed that such consumer behavior would stay there even for the long run where more than 75% of people will continue to rush to the marketplaces located in their proximity. 

This study raises the curtains for small businesses to pump up their online presence. Their visibility matters a lot to draw the attention of various customers who tend to do almost everything online whether that is ordering food or making deals. And, that is where local SEO works phenomenally in connecting customers with local businesses.

What is local SEO and how does it work?

Usually, the basic motive of implying SEO is to elevate the ranking of a website. It is quite simple to conceive that after the visibility and search engine ranking of the website are enhanced, it will get easily found by your target audience. Therefore, local SEO is all about using popular local keywords to appear in the top search results of the people who dwell in your locality. 

Take clear note of the fact that SEO and Local SEO have some eye-opening differences. Unlike SEO, local SEO is quite targeted and specific to a particular location. 

As per some of the fresh scoops from Milestone Study, one thing is quite clear small businesses that implement and employ local SEO have seen a surge in their sales. Their consumer base has grown exponentially. And, it is quite obvious that a small business unit in Delhi would first like to capture its customers here instead of delivering orders internationally. 

The facts suggest that consumers over the past two years have been frequently and repeatedly using the keywords like “where to buy” and “near me.” So much and so far the metrics of keywords like such have grown more than 200% than earlier. 

So, by all means, local SEO is the backbone for small businesses to run hard while taking a lead in the race with their global and regional competitors. Although, in the basics, the art of doing local SEO is quite similar to SEO in general, however, there stands one minor difference in using the most relevant keywords. 

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