How BERT Can Revolutionise The Way SEO is Done
How BERT Can Revolutionise The Way SEO is Done

How BERT Can Revolutionise The Way SEO is Done

People who have recently signed up for an online marketing course must be aware of the changes that run like wind in the landscape of SEO. SEO since the beginning of digital marketing has been a must-to-learn strategy and technique. The widely used search engine Google over all these years has rolled out many algorithmic updates. One of the major updates called BERT by Google is focused on enabling the search engine to produce results more accurately through natural language processing and semantic research. 

So what is BERT update and how is it revolutionizing SEO? 

If you are a part of a digital marketing course you must stay informed and updated on all that takes place in the juggernaut of digital marketing. BERT as an acronym stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers.

Does it sound like something out of the box? No, surely not… You just don’t need to jump into the technical part of BERT on the go. Instead, you should rather get privy to some of the important tasks that an expert SEO professional strictly focuses on.

More simply BERT update has made Google smarter in promoting the most relevant and relatable SERPs. BERT processes more like a neural network. It is making Google more dexter to learn the forms of expression of human language. As it is based on NLP, it has become capable to understand the syntax of the words in a sentence instead of scanning them through bots one by one in order. 

BERT combats heavily against the black hat SEO practices where keyword stuffing is done in a blog or article post to rank that high in the search results. As such for all those people who have joined an institute of digital marketing like AOS—Academy of Success it has become quite important to rethink the importance attached to good quality content. 

Now rather than using keywords repeatedly, the significance has shifted to using closer synonyms, antonyms, and slang which make the content look more natural and real. Alongside you have to understand that BERT is more interconnected to the stretch of artificial intelligence AI where bots do everything more rationally and genuinely than before. 

In the coming times, it is expected that a search engine like Google will become more forearmed to deter any absurd content for notching the top place in search results. Without giving any importance to the selected words the search engine is anticipated to work more efficiently on scanning a buyer’s persona.

As you already read in this blog that without understanding NLP it will be completely impossible to understand how BERT works. NLP is a vital field of AI attributed to linguistics while studying human and computational language interactions. The core intention behind introducing something like BERT is to make a search engine like Google work more naturally and produce more quality results on understanding the real intent of the person typing in the search box. That is why experts in India believe that the better way to stay in tandem with all such trends turns feasible after joining a digital marketing training institute in Delhi.