Glancing a Tad Glimpse into the History of Digital Marketing
Glancing a Tad Glimpse into the History of Digital Marketing

Glancing a Tad Glimpse into the History of Digital Marketing 

As Carl Sagan says, “you have to know the past to understand the present.” Taking a cue from that in this blog, we will try to know some of the mind-blowing facts about the invention of SEO. It is always of immense help to know concepts deeply inside out. However, while reading this blog you will also come to realize that for learning digital marketing thoroughly and for positing a career in this field AOS—Academy of Success is the best digital marketing institute in Delhi that you ought to join. Many people search for the best digital marketing institute near me, and it is no coincidence that their search results make them land on the web page of AOS. The institute’s years-long legacy in shaping careers has made it a trendsetter. 

Now coming back to our blog we will try to decipher some of the amazing facts about the history and inception of SEO. So, let us get started now.

 The birth of the World Wide Web WWW

Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee was the inventor of the World Wide Web. Before that, a pre-internet network called ARPANET existed from 1950 to 1980. But that was quite an ambiguous era for SEO as there was nothing like a search engine in the first place. Before all this, the very first search engine that ever existed was called Archie. Archie existed even before WWW and exclusively indexed FTP (First Transfer Protocol) for locating a specific file and then transferring that file from one computer system to another. 

Archie soon got succeeded by a new search engine called Veronica. One of its major tasks was to update the database of every menu item on the Gopher servers. During that period Gopher was a popular server using the TCP/IP protocol of the World Wide Web. It was after Gopher that HTTP became a widely proactive protocol. 

The new search engine that entered the race after Veronica was called Jughead. Although Jughead in working was pretty much like a prototype of Veronica, the only thing that differentiated Jughead from Veronica was that it could search one server at a time. 

The developments in this field erupted like a cascade paving way for a change to succeed another in a zephyr of time. After WWW had been created Wanderer was the first web crawler created to measure the size of the WWW. However, there were still miles to go until SEO could have been discovered. 

After Archie the first Web Search Engine ever created was Aliweb. It came into existence in 1993. Unlike all its traditional predecessors Aliweb was able to allow users to submit the pages they determined to index. 

Amid all this roller-coaster ride of developments and modifications in the online infrastructure, Yahoo the world’s first search engine that can organize the index in a hierarchy was introduced. Yahoo was more user-friendly than all the past ones. The actual name of Yahoo was “Jerry and David’s guide to the World Wide Web.” 

The way we have SEO today had gone through a stream of changes until the breakthrough arrived when Google for the first time in 2007 made great strides in modifying the SERP search Engine Result Pages. Embedding “Universal Search” people could search for their desired results and the pages that arrived after the results had an organic setup prior to the fastidious era of web ads swinging into action. 

Today SEO has emerged as a top-notch skill in Digital Marketing. There is no guarantee that the ways we understand SEO in current times will stay the same even in the future. But one fact is sure to take place the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and its entwining characteristics with the internet of things (IOT) are surely going to carve SEO into something more affluent.  The world of digital marketing is straightaway fascinating in itself. That is why people are getting enticed to seek mastery in this prosperous field. If you are among those folks who want to establish a career in digital marketing through learning the best digital marketing programs courses, then you shall join AOS—Academy of Success to manifest your desirable profession into reality.