Get Familiar with the Advantages and Disadvantages of SEO
get familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of seo

Get Familiar with the Advantages and Disadvantages of SEO

Are you aware of the fact that AOS—Academy of Success is the best digital marketing institute in DelhiAnd, do you know that AOS offers a list of the best digital marketing courses that are remarkable to discharge essential functions like SEO, PPC, and all others in the queue?

In this blog today you will come to know about some of the main advantages and disadvantages of Search Engine Optimization SEO. As it has been a hotly debated topic with diverse opinions heralding it. Usually, we all acknowledge the essence of SEO is boosting the ranking of a website on the first page of the search engine. But that is not what SEO is all about. So let us get started to decipher some of the gains and loopholes of SEO.

Everything we need today is accessible to us online. We recognize the fact that each day digital space is turning nimble, and expanding overwhelmingly beyond our expectations. Therefore, the competition that it has brought along is impossible to withstand without forging a distinct edge in this field. 

As new businesses and websites are spontaneously hitting the stands every day, it becomes exemplary for you to roll up your sleeves and master SEO techniques. It is not such a big deal to know that SEO is employed for the Organic Listing of a website or webpage. But only having a vague understanding of the definition cannot entitle you to the tag of a Digital Marketer or Web Master. Although SEO is not something like robotics or nuke- science still you can be obsolete just in a matter of days if you lose the track of updates that harps constantly in this digital marketing technique. The most interesting eye-opening fact about SEO is that it doesn’t come alone with disadvantages. So let us now discuss briefly some of the decent perks of SEO first.

Benefits of SEO

SEO for all

SEO is not cherry-picked to suit the size of an organization or business. The major usage of SEO is to optimize a website that affiliates no direct connection with the size of your business or organization. 

Quality Traffic

One of the major advantages of SEO is that it is phenomenal in maximizing quality traffic on your website. People who visit your website are in search of the services that you provide, and hence can be turned into sales. 

Thickens your Brand Presence

Google is the master advisor in the times that we are living. So when your webpage or website ranks at the top of the search results your brand presence will gain immense popularity and recognition. 

Cost-effective as always 

Now here SEO plays a crucial role in streamlining the need for expensive Google ads. To rule the search results section SEO is the sole crackerjack. It boosts ROI without plying expensive ad services for promoting your brand awareness or traction. 

Loopholes of SEO

Not a Flash

Now let us face some of the facts bluntly. SEO is a time-consuming promise, it is not something that can earn you immediate results. SEO is a plan-based strategy that takes a good amount of time to ripen the efforts of your marketing strategies. 

SEO cannot be done by an amateur

SEO is an amicable digital marketing skill that will take you days to learn. Therefore, if you have not learned how SEO is done you will end up garnering nothing but only confusion.  

You have to procure maintenance all the time

The major drawback of SEO is that you need to revitalize your website constantly. You have to check and rule out broken links, outdated data, and deterred images regularly. That way it becomes a mighty task to maintain high ranks in the search results. 

You have to be a content machine to generate enormous content each day

This is one of the essential ways to rank your website. You have to keep creating content in a bulk. This is a prerequisite for your website to pump up its visibility. On the contrary, if your content is irrelevant you will lose your rank and topple down.  


There are many other advantages and disadvantages attached to SEO, however, for a beginner who wants to learn digital marketing from AOS, all of these mentioned points above are sufficient to understand in what ways can be SEO advantageous and disadvantageous.