How Different Marketing Looks in Digital Age -
How Different Marketing Looks in Digital Age

How Different Marketing Looks in Digital Age

Traditional marketing, being a bygone way of marketing is more lethargic, less impactful, and much more expensive than digital marketing. The point is that marketing in many ways looks different in the digital social age. However, joining AOS—Academy of Success, the best digital marketing institute in Delhi is one good option to learn and become a certified digital marketer. When we come to light clearer about the strategic and structural dimensions of digital marketing we realize that it always used to be a maximum investment and hard work with a tad return and results. Publishing flyers, placing billboards on the streets, paying fat cheques to broadcast TV and radio ads, and running helter-skelter to print newspaper ads, etc. all used to be a part of such a daunting task called Traditional Marketing.

 With the advent of the digital era, all these marketing practices were revamped and replaced with new online techniques and strategies. Digital Marketing simply refers to the marketing of any kind of business through digital media and devices like Google, Meta-Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc. To be more precise, it will not be a fib or wrong to say that digital marketing has starkly changed the face of traditional marketing.

Although, the underlying motifs of marketing to trace, connect, promote and cater to the customers is pretty much the same as always. What has developed is speed and interactiveness which were just completely absent in the absence of digital marketing.

Some of the key differences between traditional and digital marketing

Traditional MarketingDigital Marketing
Promotions of products via TV, telephone, Billboards, door-to-door, sponsorship etc.Promotions through digital mediums and digital marketing techniques like SEO, SEM, Web Analytics, PPC, Content Marketing etc.
Much expensive and less effectiveAffordable and much effective
Lackadaisical for brand buildingAgile for brand building  
Not interactive, customers cannot file instant feedbacks.Immersive, interactive, customers can file feedbacks instantly.
Difficult to calculate the returnsEasy to calculate in the digital marketing

This is not all about the pros of digital marketing; the list of its efficiency and benefits expands to larger horizons. But it is not easy for none to be a digital marketer without seeking proper training and awareness of how digital marketing works. The dexterously curated and designed digital marketing programs learned under expert surveillance can make one pro in digital marketing. AOS—Academy of Success is the best digital marketing institute with courses like the Executive Digital Marketing Program EDMP, and Masters Digital Marketing Program MDMP, both of the courses cover all the Digital marketing Programs of know-how and knowledge regarding Digital Marketing.