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What is digital marketing funnel

What is Digital Marketing Funnel?

A customer’s journey from being first a visitor consists of various stages. And this model of stages is called the digital marketing funnel. But before you know that make sure to get acquainted with the AOS—Academy of Success, the best Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi. With all its cut above Digital Marketing Programs, AOS gives wings to the dreams of all those students who are interested to make fortunes by learning digital marketing. Let us now know the stages that a customer goes through in the process of a digital marketing funnel.

However, keeping it twofold perspectives we will also try to understand the stages of sellers in this funnel.

  Customer                                                                                                     Seller

Customer RelationshipSale
Post-purchase experienceBond

 In the above table, you can see the stages through a customer going on the left side, and the seller on the right side, and this is similar to how a digital marketing funnel works.  In a digital marketing funnel, a customer is made familiar with the product via ads on social media, search engines, and various other online formats. Usually what happens is that when a customer finds out a need, it leads the prospect to the awareness of a product related to that need and eventually the prospect ends up considering the features of that product. So, it is the curiosity of each rational customer to research thoroughly the efficiency and performance of the product and to know the user experiences about that product. Once all that is done the customer enters the stage to purchase that product and post purchase there arises a relationship between the customer and the seller.

So, all in all, the digital marketing funnel strategy is a strategy that exhibits the stages or modes of how from exposure a customer gets attracted and gains awareness after going through various demonstrations the customer identifies what specifically the prospect has been looking down for. That is the point when the customer decides to purchase that product that way the prospect converts into the actual buyer and builds a rapport with the seller which if everything goes well stays longer and grows more cordial.

Before the digital marketing funnel, the traditional marketing funnel was based on the popular concept of AIDA which stands for Awareness, Interest, Design, and Action. Therefore, the Digital marketing funnel is just a hybrid funnel than AIDA in which both the customer and seller can make entries and exits anytime they want to.