Digital Marketing : 20 Fascinating Facts You Ought To Know
20 Fascinating facts You Ought To Know About Digital Marketing

20 Fascinating Facts You Ought To Know About Digital Marketing

For every type of business, marketing always remains an essential component. It is dynamic and ever-changing. What makes you best in the field of marketing is your way of thinking, you can never stick to the similar tenets of marketing that have been implied and practiced for ages. For becoming a good marketer you need to redo your thinking. Similarly, digital marketing has changed a lot from how marketing used to be done in the pre-online era. In this blog, you will come to know some fascinating facts about digital marketing

Digital marketing is all about garnering traffic from the internet. Most of the free online traffic is generated by employing various Search Engine Optimization, SEO tactics, and methods. Regarding the ways to generate quality traffic and to consider the factors useful for that let us know some of these fine facts about Digital Marketing. Before you go through these 20 fascinating facts about digital marketing know that AOS—Academy of Success, is the best digital marketing institute in Delhi. All digital marketing programs are expertly curated and authentically certified.  

Digital Marketing Facts

  1. Around 80% of customers switch to online research before making their decisions to purchase. 
  1. 40% of internet users make their decisions based on social media reviews.   
  1. 70% of content creators have capitalized on their rate of producing content each year.
  1. B2B marketers spent almost 28% of their budget on digital marketing content. 
  1. Earlier more than 60% of decisions made by customers used to rely on newspapers. Now, the tables have changed for real more than 66% of customers rely on blogs for making their decisions before purchasing. 
  1. Companies that include email marketing in their strategies have more than a 27% chance of converting their leads into customers.
  1. In the list of marketing tactics, visual content is believed to be the key component among all other components. 
  1. Globally 66% of marketers believe that digital marketing is prone to succeed.
  1. Blogs with aesthetic and appealing appearances are believed to attract page views of more than 94%.
  1. Companies that do active blogging can generate leads more than 69% each month. 
  1. More than 60% of digital marketers create at least one piece of content each day.
  1. 56% of companies create their content on their own, and 46% of companies outsource their content for better digital marketing reasons. 
  1. Only 20% of written marketing content is comprehended by readers, and more than 60% of visual content is easily retained by digital natives.
  1. Content marketing as compared to traditional marketing cost 60% less. 
  1. Content marketing is able to generate 3 times more leads than traditional marketing. 
  1. For 44%digital marketers producing content stands always the biggest challenge.
  1. More than 73% of companies have a job for someone who can overview their content. 
  1. More than 76% of digital marketers publish blogs, and 735 marketers publish case studies. 
  1. In the US there are currently 40, 828 digital marketers working with different companies. 
  1. Website traffic, revenue, keyword traffic and conversions, and SEO rankings are the top metrics used to measure marketing success. 

The biggest fact is that Digital Marketing is emerging every day as a modern profession to take. The best thing about digital marketing is that people from all walks of life can make a successful career in it. However, that always requires a cut-above digital marketing institute like AOS—Academy of Success to train and certify one as a pro digital marketer.