5 Best Digital Marketing Books You Must Read
5 best digital marketing books you must read to become a leading digital marketer

5 Best Digital Marketing Books You Must Read to Become a Leading Digital Marketer

Be it any new skill or knowledge about digital marketing you want to learn books are the primary doors to enter that. And, to give spark to your learning the practical relevance of your knowledge you better can grasp that in AOS—Academy of Success, the best digital marketing institute in Delhi. By choosing to learn from the institute’s peerless digital marketing courses you can carve a niche career in digital marketing. 

However, in this blog, you will realize the essence of some significant books. And, you will explore the fact that how reading those books will give you a clear-cut ken about every little and big thing of this extraordinary field. So, let us get started now. 

We are pretty much aware of the changes that have ensued at a lightning pace after the digital revolution took place. Similarly, the shift from printed books to digital content has transformed the publishing industry from the inside out. But this transformation is a change for the better and in no way has it generated any severe influence on the importance of books in any field. In the same manner, there are some illuminating books about this whole new digital disruptive art of marketing which at least every digital marketing enthusiast should skim once. Reading these path-breaking books sharpens and expands your horizons of reaching new heights of triumph. 

So let us now dive into the list of the 5 most valuable digital marketing books.

  1. “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion” by Robin Cialdini

Although, the text was published almost three and a half decades ago still the content in this book about the practices of digital marketing is still unrivaled even today. Based on the title of this book the content scripted inside it delves into the strategies that are masterly concise and efficient to enhance decision-making in digital marketing. Since its beginning, the book earns the title of being a marketing Bible. After reading this book thoroughly you will come to learn the genius of framing email copy, writing captivating social media posts, and much more. Learning the 6 principles of reciprocity, commitment and consistency, social proof, authority, liking, and scarcity; penned down by the author of this book is a treasure in itself to conceive. 

2. “Become a Brand” by Sorav Jain  

Branding is a sobriquet of success in the online world. People in this age are entirely swayed by brands. If your brand visibility on a search engine like Google flunks then little less you can thrive to build your brand. “Become a Brand” by Sorav Jain is a go-to book for any digital marketing learner to learn the golden tactics of erecting a strong personal brand. The secrets in this book to promote your brand online give you a silver lining analogous to other brands in your competition. Jain has almost shed a quality amount of light on each essential gambit involved in making your brand a success. He vocally emphasizes how social media platforms are staples to promote a brand’s success. Plus there is also practical advice in this book for managing your online reputation and dealing with negative feedback. 

3. “Expert Secrets” by Russell Brunson 

This book is dynamic to learn many such eye-opening secrets that usually most digital marketers stand unfamiliar with. This book acts as a step-by-step guide for implementing email marketing, content marketing, and copywriting effectively. Along with being an instruction manual of success for all those entrepreneurs who want to pump their sales of services and products, the book is very helpful for all small businesses and digital marketers aiming to drive traffic and conversions. 

4. “Content Machine” by Dan Norris

Content machine by Dan Morris is one of the best books to learn how you can generate, publish and optimize content on a huge scale. The edicts in this book are touchwood for anyone who wants to produce epic content in this book Norris explains the idea to do exact content planning. The search engine optimization tools and tactics that Norris mentions in the books are still noteworthy to apply even in today’s burgeoning content optimization contests.

5. “New Rules of Marketing & PR” by David Meerman Scott

This book is mainly important for all digital marketers and PR professionals endeavoring to brush up on their businesses’ image. The book carries a spellbinding reputation, and that is the reason for the book being published in at least 25 other languages in the world. This book teaches its readers how they can use digital marketing channels effectively by disseminating the correct messages to the targeted audiences. It unfurls the basic idea of utilizing the resources optimally and being cost-effective in accelerating brand exposure and sales.


So, these are the 5 useful books that every digital marketing patron should go through once. But remember that just reading books can never iron the wrinkles of your understanding. Digital marketing consists of both simple and intricate phenomena. Therefore, their collaboration and operations can better be understood by joining an institute like AOS.